Volume 9, 2003, Number 4

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Some Fermatian special functions
Original research paper. Pages 73–82
A. G. Shannon
Full paper (PDF, 101 Kb) | Abstract

Generalizations of the polynomials of Bernoulli, Euler and Hermite are defined here in terms of generalized integers called Fermatian integers. These are closely related to the q-series extensively studied by Leonard Carlitz. These various analogues of the classical special functions are inter-related with one another and also to some of the problems posed by Morgan Ward. The works of Henry Gould and Vern Hoggatt are also extensively cited.

q-Volkenborn integration. II
Original research paper. Pages 83–89
T. Kim, L. Jang, D. Park and C. Adiga
Full paper (PDF, 169 Kb) | Abstract

By using q-Volkenborn integration, the multiple Changhee q-Bernoulli numbers which are an interesting analogue of Barnes’ multiple Bernoulli numbers were constructed in [4]. The object of this paper is to define the extension of multiple Changhee q-Bernoulli numbers and to give the new explicit formulas which are related to these numbers.

On the Hadamard product of GCD and LCM matrices associated with semi-multiplicative functions
Original research paper. Pages 90–98
Ayse Nalli and Pentti Haukkanen
Full paper (PDF, 77 Kb)

On 25-th and 26-th Smarandache’s problems
Original research paper. Pages 99–104
Peter M. Vassilev, Mladen V. Vassilev-Missana and Krassimir T. Atanassov
Full paper (PDF, 1833 Kb)

Volume 9Number 1Number 2Number 3 ▷ Number 4

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