NNTDM welcomes four new members of the Editorial Board

International Journal “Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics” is delighted to announce to its readership that as of the year 2023 the Editorial Board has gained as new members four outstanding scholars in the thematic areas of the Journal. We would like to warmly welcome and thank Prof. Olivier Ramaré, Assoc. Prof. José L. Ramírez, Assoc. Prof. Takafumi Miyazaki and Assoc. Prof. Taras Goy for accepting our invitations to join our team!

The members of the NNTDM Editorial Board have an important role in the process of evaluating submissions, Journal promotion and shaping the Journal’s thematic scope and direction of development. Being an all-volunteer, academic-led and academic-owned non-profit journal, we fully rely on our Editors for maintaining the high quality and excellent reputation of NNTDM among the research community.

Prof. Olivier Ramaré works at the Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille, and is the Research Director at Aix Marseille Université in Marseille, France. His research interests include sieve theory, prime numbers, Möbius function, Dirichlet L-series, numerical analysis and scientific computing, harmonic analysis, discrete mathematics, algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry, analytic number theory.

Assoc. Prof. José L. Ramírez works at the Department of Mathematics at the National University of Colombia, Bogota, Colombia. His research is focused on various topics from the area of discrete mathematics and combinatorics.

Assoc. Prof. Takafumi Miyazaki works at the Department of Pure and Applied Science, Faculty of Science and Technology at Gunma University, Kiryu, Japan. His research interests comprise exponential Diophantine equations, systems of Pellian equations, S-unit equation.

Assoc. Prof. Taras Goy works at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. His research focus is on special numbers and polynomials, combinatorial number theory, determinants, permanents and other special matrix functions.

This increase in the members of the Editorial Board of NNTDM is aligned with the steady growth of submissions we have been receiving over the past several years, ever since NNTDM has been indexed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index database of Web of ScienceTM and granted Journal Citation Index (JCI 2021 = 0.33, Q4).

Needless to say, our appreciation for the new members of the Editorial Board does not in any way diminish our recognition for the service of those researchers who have been members of the Board for years. We take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all of them!

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