A natural partial order on the prime numbers

Lucian M. Ionescu
Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, ISSN 1310-5132
Volume 21, 2015, Number 1, Pages 1—9
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Authors and affiliations

Lucian M. Ionescu
Department of Mathematics, Illinois State University
IL 61790-4520, United States


A natural partial order on the set of prime numbers was derived by the author from the internal symmetries of the primary finite fields [1], independently of [2], who investigated Pratt trees  [3] used for primality tests. It leads to a correspondence with the Hopf algebra of rooted trees, and as an application, to an alternative approach to the Prime Number Theorem.


  • Prime numbers
  • Pratt tress
  • Rooted trees
  • Prime Number Theorem
  • Finite fields

AMS Classification

  • 11NXX
  • 11TXX


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