Properties of the restrictive factor

Laurențiu Panaitopol
Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, ISSN 1310-5132
Volume 9, 2003, Number 3, Pages 59—61
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Authors and affiliations

Laurențiu Panaitopol
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics
14 Academiei St., RO–010014 Bucharest, Romania


In [1] Krassimir Atanassov has introduced the arithmetic function RF(n) defined by RF(1) = 1 and RF(n) = q1α1−1q2α2−1qkαk−1 whenever n = q1α1 q2α2qkαk, where q1, …, qk are pairwise different prime numbers and we have α1αk ≥ 1. The function RF(n) is called the restrictive factor. In the present paper we denote it simply by R(n).


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  2. Panaitopol, L., Properties of the function γ(n), Publications de C.R.M.P. Neuchatel Serie 1, 32(2001), 25-31.

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