Generalized Euler–Seidel method for second order recurrence relations

M. Cetin Firengiz and A. Dil
Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, ISSN 1310-5132
Volume 20, 2014, Number 4, Pages 21—32
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Authors and affiliations

M. Cetin Firengiz
Department of Mathematics Education, Başkent University
Baglıca 06810 Ankara, Turkey
* Corresponding author

A. Dil
Department of Mathematics, Akdeniz University
07058 Antalya, Turkey


We obtain identities for the generalized second order recurrence relation by using the generalized Euler–Seidel matrix with parameters x, y. As a consequence, we give some properties and generating functions of well-known special integer sequences.


  • Generalized Euler–Seidel matrix
  • Fibonacci sequence
  • Lucas sequence
  • Pell sequence
  • Jacobsthal sequence
  • Generating function

AMS Classification

  • 11B39
  • 11B83


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