Carmichael’s conjecture and a minimal unique solution

W. Ramadan-Jradi
Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, ISSN 1310-5132
Volume 5, 1999, Number 2, Pages 55—70
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Authors and affiliations

W. Ramadan-Jradi
School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Technology,
Sydney, P.O. Box 123, Broadway, NSW 2007, Australia


R. D. Carmichael [1] conjectured that: “The equation ϕ(x) = A where ϕ is Euler’s totient function, and A is an even positive integer does not have a unique solution. This paper is a continue of paper [5], and it states some theorems and lemmas which help giving an “if and only if” condition for a unique solution, and locate this solution when it exists. By following the same approach of [5] we will be able to determine some particular properties of the set FA(k+1) , where FA(k) = {x : ϕ(x) = A(k)} as defined in [5] is a minimal set of solutions of the equation ϕ(x) = A(k).

AMS Classification

  • 11A25


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