Complete solving the quadratic equation mod 2n

S. M. Dehnavi, M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad and A. Mahmoodi Rishakani
Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics
Print ISSN 1310–5132, Online ISSN 2367–8275
Volume 25, 2019, Number 1, Pages 75—83
DOI: 10.7546/nntdm.2019.25.1.75-83
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Authors and affiliations

S. M. Dehnavi
Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
University of Kharazmi, Tehran, Iran

M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad
Department of Mathematics
Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

A. Mahmoodi Rishakani
Department of Sciences
Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran


Quadratic functions have applications in cryptography. In this paper, we investigate the modular quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0 (mod 2n), and provide a complete analysis of it. More precisely, we determine when this equation has a solution and in the case that it has a solution, we give not only the number of solutions, but also the set of solutions, in O(n) time. One of the interesting results of our research is that, if this equation has a solution, then the number of solutions is a power of two. Most notably, as an application, we characterize the number of fixed-points of quadratic permutation polynomials over ℤ2n, which are used in symmetric cryptography.


  • Quadratic equation mod 2n
  • Number of solutions
  • Set of solutions
  • Number of fixedpoints
  • Cryptography

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 11Z05
  • 14G50


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Dehnavi, S. M., Mirzaee Shamsabad, M. R., & Mahmoodi Rishakani, A. (2019). Complete solving the quadratic equation mod 2n. Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, 25(1), 75-83, doi: 10.7546/nntdm.2019.25.1.75-83.

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