A note on the analogs of p-adic L-functions and sums of powers

T. Kim, C.S. Ryoo, H. K. Pak and S.-H. Rim
Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, ISSN 1310-5132
Volume 7, 2001, Number 3, Pages 78—86
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Authors and affiliations

T. Kim,
Institute of Science Education,
Kongju National University, Kongju 314-701, S. Korea

C.S. Ryoo
Deaprtment of Mathematics ,
Kyungpook University, Taegu 702-701, S. Korea

H. K. Pak
Department of Mathematics Kyungsan university,
Kyungsan, S. Korea

S.-H. Rim
Department of mathematics Education Kyungpook Unversity,
Taegu 702-701, S. Korea


The purpose of this paper is to give an explicit p-adic expansion of \sum_{j=1}^{*np} \frac{q^j}{j^r} such that the coefficients of the expansion are the values of an analogue of p-adic L-function associated with Euler numbers.


  • p-adic L-function
  • Bernoulli numbers
  • Dirichlet’s series

AMS Classification

  • 11B68
  • 11S80


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Kim, T. , Ryoo, C.S., Pak, H. K. & Rim, S.-H. (2001). A note on the analogs of p-adic L-functions and sums of powers. Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, 7(3), 78-86.

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