Volume 3, 1997, Number 2

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Analysis of Diophantine properties using modular rings with four and six classes
Original research paper. Pages 61–74
J. V. Leyendekkers, J. M. Rybak and A. G. Shannon
Full paper (PDF, 398 Kb) | Abstract

A modular ring ℤ4 is described, and used together with a modular ring ℤ6 and Pythagorean-triple grid, described earlier, to analyse various diophantine properties and explain why the area of a Pythagorean triangle can never be a square.

Application of the Laplace transform to the solution of Diophantine equations
Original research paper. Pages 75–101
Aldo Peretti
Full paper (PDF, 815 Kb)

A modification of Sivaramakrishnan-Venkataraman’s inequality
Original research paper. Pages 102–103
Krassimir Atanassov
Full paper (PDF, 77 Kb) | Abstract

A modifications of one Sivaramakrishnan – Venkataraman’s inequality is proposed and proved.

On two algorithms for obtaining transcendent numbers
Original research paper. Pages 104–116
Krastu Gumnerov
Full paper (PDF, 667 Kb)

Volume 3Number 1 ▷ Number 2 ▷ Number 3Number 4

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