Baica’s general Euclidean algorithm (BGEA) and the solutions of Fermat’s Last Theorem

Malvina Baica
Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics
Print ISSN 1310–5132
Volume 1, 1995, Number 3, Pages 120—134
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Authors and affiliations

Malvina Baica
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
The University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Wisconsin, 53190


The main intent in this paper is to solve Fermat’s last theorem (FLT) using the author’s modification of the Jacobi-Perron Algorithm (JPA) which holds for complex fields of any degree n (ACF) (defined later as Baica’s Generalized Euclidean Algorithm (BGEA)).


  • Euclidean algorithm
  • Jacobi-Perron algorithm (JPA)
  • Baica’s algorithm in a complex field
  • Baica’s generalized Euclidean algorithm
  • Hasse-Bernstein modification of JPA


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