Volume 1, 1995, Number 3

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Three hypotheses on φ and σ functions
Original research paper. Pages 103–104
Krassimir T. Atanassov
Full paper (PDF, 1 Mb) | Abstract

Three hypotheses concerning j and s functions will be discussed. The idea was generated in the last year, when the author showed that all numbers smaller than 1000 are representable only by the digits “1”, “9”, “9” and “4”, operation “+” and functions j and s. Its results were planned for publication in “Bulletin on Number Theory”, but the issue for 1994 was not printed in time and the paper somewhat lost in value. Now, we extend its idea and formulate some open problems related to it.

The Fermat equation. III
Original research paper. Pages 105–110
Aldo Peretti
Full paper (PDF, 3 Mb) | Abstract

On the basis of a former paper [1], the author presents a simplified analytical way in order to determine the number of solutions of the Diophantine equation of the title.

Note on “extraordinary primes”
Original research paper. Pages 111–113
Mladen V. Vassilev-Missana
Full paper (PDF, 1.9 Mb)

On an arithmetic function. Part 2
Original research paper. Pages 114–119
Lyuben Karagyozov
Full paper (PDF, 2.61 Mb)

Baica’s general Euclidean algorithm (BGEA) and the solutions of Fermat’s Last Theorem
Original research paper. Pages 120–134
Malvina Baica
Full paper (PDF, 10 Mb) | Abstract

The main intent in this paper is to solve Fermat’s last theorem (FLT) using the author’s modification of the Jacobi-Perron Algorithm (JPA) which holds for complex fields of any degree n (ACF) (defined later as Baica’s Generalized Euclidean Algorithm (BGEA)).

Walking on a chessboard
Original research paper. Pages 135–141
Odoardo Brugia and Piero Filipponi
Full paper (PDF, 3.9 Mb)

Some remarks concerning fixed points in partially ordered sets
Original research paper. Pages 142–145
Antal Bege
Full paper (PDF, 2.34 Mb) | Abstract

In this paper we present theorems about fixed points for the mappings of a poset into itself.

Note on one inequality
Original research paper. Pages 146–148
Krassimir T. Atanassov
Full paper (PDF, 1.51 Mb)

Volume 1Number 1Number 2 ▷ Number 3

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