A Möbius arithmetic incidence function

Emil Daniel Schwab and Gabriela Schwab
Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, ISSN 1310-5132
Volume 21, 2015, Number 3, Pages 27—34
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Authors and affiliations

Emil Daniel Schwab
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas 79968, USA

Gabriela Schwab
Department of Mathematics
El Paso Community College
El Paso, Texas 79902, USA


The aim of this note is to study a non-standard right cancellative and half-factorial Möbius monoid, and to compute its Möbius function.


  • Convolution
  • right divisibility
  • Möbius monoid
  • half-factorial monoid
  • Möbius function

AMS Classification

  • 11A25.


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