On directed pathos line cut vertex digraph of an arborescence

Nagesh H. M. and R. Chandrasekhar
Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, ISSN 1310-5132
Volume 21, 2015, Number 2, Pages 59—69
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Authors and affiliations

Nagesh H. M.
Department of Science and Humanities, PES Institute of Technology
Bangalore-560 100, India

R. Chandrasekhar
Department of Mathematics, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
Bangalore-560 032, India


In this paper we define the digraph valued function (digraph operator), namely the line cut vertex digraph n(D) of a digraph D and the directed pathos line cut vertex digraph DPn(T) of an arborescence T. Planarity, outer planarity, maximal outer planarity, minimally non-outer planarity, and crossing number one properties of DPn(T) are discussed. Also, the problem of reconstructing an arborescence from its directed pathos line cut vertex digraph is presented.


  • Complete bipartite subdigraph
  • Directed pathos
  • Inner vertex number
  • Crossing number

AMS Classification

  • 05C20


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Nagesh H. M., & R. Chandrasekhar (2015). On directed pathos line cut vertex digraph of an arborescence. Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, 21(2), 59-69.

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